I came to see Dr. Tyson after hearing about her from a friend of mine. Dr. Tyson helped her balance her hormones through changing her foods and figuring out which vitamins and minerals she was deficient in. I had irregular cycles with debilitating migraines since I was 16 years old and no one was able to figure out how to help me and eventually I just ended up taking prescription medications for my symptoms. The medications made me feel moody, agitated, bloated and my cycles did regulate for a while, but I didn’t feel good and my migraines didn’t go away. Upon my friend’s repeated suggestion, I saw Dr. Tyson and she helped me understand how my blood sugar was affecting my hormones. Foods that I though were healthy, weren’t healthy for me. Also, I was deficient in zinc and a certain type of B12 that was affecting my blood sugar, digestion and immune system and these deficiencies were directly affecting my hormones as well. What I learned was that by figuring out was I was deficient in, which foods were toxic to me, and which were like superfoods and which organs and meridian systems weren’t working at their optimal level, I was able to balance my own hormones naturally, without drugs and I felt 100 % better within a few months!!

Every session with Dr. Tyson is like a mini seminar and I was learning new things about my body, the food we eat, and how to make better choices. With this new knowledge I felt more empowered about myself, my health and my future!

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Tyson. She can help your figure out what exactly is affecting your body.

-Tamsen T.


I recommend seeing Dr. T if you have any pain in your body. She helped me have normal function in my legs after a few treatments. Interestingly, even though she is a Holistic Chiropractor, the pain and weakness in my legs wasn’t just because I was out of alignment; the weakness was due to an emotional trigger from my childhood. She figured out a few things about me by using a manual muscle test and it navigated where to go and what to release from my meridians. Immediately after the first visit I was able to lift my legs up to 90 degrees. Before the treatment I couldn't even lift my leg up 1 inch off the table. She explained that emotions affect the physiology and after we released some triggers I was able to lift my leg without pain! I learned about the Mind-Body connection and it was an eye opener! I understand a lot of things about myself better and I feel much more balanced after a session. If you want to understand how your mind and your body are connected, want to learn new things about food, GMOs, and toxins; or if you have a dysfunction that needs a correction, I suggest you see Dr. T!

-Brett M.


I brought my 9 month old son to see Dr. Tyson after a friend told me she took her daughter to see her for her eczema. My son had chronic lung problems and had a mucus cough off and on since he was 6 months old. After one session and taking my son off of wheat and dairy my son’s breathing and cough improved immediately! I couldn’t believe that foods like whole wheat and organic cow milk could be harmful to my son. As a family we avoid wheat and do not drink or eat pasteurized cow dairy and since then haven’t been to urgent care or taken antibiotics.

I recommend seeing Dr. Tyson if you want alternatives to conventional medicine.

-Allison J.